About Loose Moose Candles

I am Justine owner of Loose Moose Candles. I am married to Richard, and we have 2 grown-up sons, William 21 years old, and Sebastian 18 years old. We live in Surbiton Surrey.

I've always had a creative mind and trained to be a florist when I was in my late teens. I then decided to take a different career path, moved up to London and went into retail fashion, climb the ladder from a shop assistant into senior store manager positions, and stayed with the Company for over 17 years. In this time, I gained such amazing knowledge of all the retail business especially the commercial side.

I launched Loose Moose Candles in 2016 and am now fully trademarked. I know it sounds cliché, but I was so fed up with buying overpriced candles that burnt badly blacked my walls from the paraffin, the hot throws were virtually non-existent. I thought I can surely make my own candles; how hard can it be? Biggest understatement! Anyway, after watching hours of YouTube videos, I set about learning and making soy candles.

With my friends being the biggest supporters in my early days forever grateful to them which allowed me to buy more stock to grow my little business. I wanted something a bit different in terms of wicks so decided to try out wooden wicks. I loved the crackle they made. I also wanted to use soy wax as its derived from the soybean and is a renewable,100% natural alternative to traditional paraffin, one of the benefits of soy wax is you don't get that horrible black scooting on your walls and ceilings which was another bugbear for me.

So Loose Moose Candles was born. I won't bore you with the tears and stresses I have had along the way (there were a lot) let’s just say I never realized how technical making candles were.

A lot of testing is needed and realizing quite quickly every batch of natural wax differs also fragrance oils all react differently in wax.

The candle market is very saturated and it’s hard to stand out in this busy marketplace, however, I love making candles while working the day job and then going into my kitchen and being busy making candles especially Christmas lead up is crazy busy, I make all my candles in my kitchen.

My business continues to grow and that buzz feeling when I get a new customer still excites me! My customers are so loyal to Loose Moose especially through Covid-19 when my suppliers were having major stock issues and still are, to be honest.

Loose Moose candles will continue making gorgeous candles for my customers.