How to look after your candles

The first time you burn your crackling wooden wick candle allow it to burn for 2 hours or at least until the whole surface is liquid with wax. We find if you do this each time you burn your candle, you will get the best out of it. Soy wax has a memory which is why this stage is important, avoiding unsightly “tunnelling”. I am totally natural and hand poured so I will never be perfect like mass produced candles.

Because I am 100% natural I react to temperature just like you….I really don’t like to be cold and I will  pull away from my glass, but don’t panic once you light I will return to normal, or just pop me on the radiator for a pre-warm up

  • If your flame appears to be weak, blow it out, pinch the 2 layers together and light again, this works almost every time. Light from the base of the wood wick (new wood).
  • Don’t pull the wick apart – It has a layered look to it and is meant to be that way for better burning.
  • Always trim the wick before lighting to approximately 1/2cm. This keeps the flame at a safe height and allows optimum performance. You can either ‘snap’ the burnt wood or even better, get a pair of nail clippers!
  • I have a 40 hour burn time.